Amber Kell (Hellbourne) (2)
  • Hellbourne
    Cykl: Hellbourne (tom 1-3)
    Even when your father is the devil, love can be a scary thing. Luc Hellbourne is crushed when his werewolf lover dumps him for a female. Feeling unwanted he gives himself to the first guy who asks,...
    czytelników: 1 | opinie: 0 | ocena: 6,39 (33 głosy)
  • Back to Hell
    Back to Hell
    Cykl: Hellbourne (tom 4)
    Even the devil needs a little help sometimes, but for Luc, going back to hell to make things right could end up breaking him... Luc’s life is finally starting to settle down. His wolf shifter lover i...
    czytelników: 1 | opinie: 1 | ocena: 6,13 (16 głosów)

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