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My Own Multi-Media Initiative : Columbus Bridge July 1997 – Present (18 years 5 months) NOW I am totally focused on a series of E-Books for Amazon. You can already borrow for free the 1st one &... My Own Multi-Media Initiative : Columbus Bridge
July 1997 – Present (18 years 5 months)
NOW I am totally focused on a series of E-Books for Amazon. You can
already borrow for free the 1st one "The New York Poor Man Sunsets". At
least two more (almost ready) will still be published this year. I plan to
produce E-Books in different countries and on various issues till my "final
exit". All I had been doing professionally since at least 2008 has been
largely connected with my current e-Book production which involves a number
of skills and their integration as I am about to explain.
New York 2008 — Present
I am focused on merging my various skills to move with ease in the world of
multi-media . In 2008, in Miami, FL —fulfilling my civic obligations towards
myself and others-- I built my first website "Rescue Florida Foreclosure
Victims" (now inactive). In 2010 I built my second pro publico bono website Now , added to it which is both
about me and changes America needs. Soon—there will be ebooks enriched with
my own A-Z little videos and audios.
1998 — 2008
This U.S. period started with establishing Columbus Bridge in New York was
interrupted by my departure to Miami and ended with my return to New York.
It produced my well known book “Romance with English”.
1993 --1997
In Poland. Went there as a recipient of a UNDP grant, to serve as a
consultant in the area of press advertising and PR. Stayed on to realize my
life dream of making TV documentaries. Made about 20 for TVP1, TVP2 and
other stations. The best known: “Tall, 40 year old with a past” (about the
Palace of Culture and Science). Went to Stockholm in 1995 for the annual
Nobel Prize celebration; interviewed 10 Nobel Prize winners.
My first period in the U.S. Between my first American job in the “Polish
Daily News" to my joggling several college adjunct positions there was a lot
of freelance journalistic work. Among important ones -- stints for the Voice
of America and Radio Free Europe. For the latter I covered the 1992 Earth
Summit in Rio.
In Poland as a general assignment journalist wrote hundreds of articles and
interviews. Published in top national magazines. Covered culture, economy,
science. Memorable events: A round of interviews at UNESCO and the
enthronement of John Paul II immortalized in my story "Tutti Italiani
Interviewed many outstanding professionals. Published a book "The Kitchen of
the Polish Film Chronicle" and large stories in book collections. Won seven
journalistic competitions.
NOW at the end of 2015 I am impatient to help ...CHANGE the world. My
eBooks are to serve the purpose. All the progressives of the world: JOIN ME!
HELP ME ! And...CHANGE if you need to to be a better person. As the adage
goes: If you want to change the world--start with yourself.
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The New York Poor Man Sunsets
The New York Poor Man Sunsets
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The New York Poor Man Sunsets
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