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  • The Empty Throne
    The Empty Throne
    Autor: Bernard Cornwell
    This eighth entry in New York Times bestselling author Bernard Cornwell's epic Saxon Tales series brings to life the harrowing and turbulent tale of a nation torn apart by sectarian and religious...
    czytelników: 21 | opinie: 1 | ocena: 7,78 (9 głosów)
  • Warriors of the Storm
    Warriors of the Storm
    Autor: Bernard Cornwell
    A fragile peace reigns in Wessex, Mercia and East Anglia. King Alfred’s son Edward and formidable daughter, Aethelflaed, rule the kingdoms. But all around the restless Northmen, eyeing the rich lands...
    czytelników: 15 | opinie: 2 | ocena: 7,2 (10 głosów)
  • The Flame Bearer
    The Flame Bearer
    Autor: Bernard Cornwell
    Britain is at an uneasy peace. After their bloody defeat of Danish-held East Anglia, the West Saxons stand victorious while the Mercians have taken back their land on the border of Northumbria, the...
    czytelników: 12 | opinie: 1 | ocena: 7 (4 głosy)
  • War of the Wolf
    War of the Wolf
    Autor: Bernard Cornwell
    The eleventh novel of The Last Kingdom series finds Uhtred facing a formidable new enemy, and at the same time struggling with old loyalties. He might have regained Bebbanburg, but he is still forced...
    czytelników: 12 | opinie: 0 | ocena: 8 (1 głos)

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