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  • Her Mountain Baby Daddies
    Her Mountain Baby Daddies
    Autor: Madison Faye
    Two rough twin mountain men. One princess on the run. She thinks she can’t have babies. But *baby* are we gonna prove her wrong. When our enemies conspired to murder our father, take our company, a...
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  • Serpentine
    Autor: Laurell K. Hamilton
    Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, faces an ancient, Medusa-like curse in her twenty-sixth adventure. Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, returns to face an ancient, Medusa-like curse in her twenty-sixth...
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  • Danger Zone
    Danger Zone
    Autor: Sierra Cartwright
    "Who's watching you...?" The highly specialized Hawkeye team protects the world's most valuable things, secrets, even people. But now one of their own needs protecting. There's a cool...
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  • Finding Hope
    Finding Hope
    Autor: Sloane Kennedy
    At 19, Beck Barretti is living two lives. To his family, he’s a young man trying to find his way after years of battling a mental illness that nearly cost him everything. But to the rest of the world...
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  • More
    Autor: Sloan Parker
    For fifteen years Luke Moore has lived by three rules: stay off his father's radar, never spend more than a single night with any man, and never fall in love again. But one night of explosive sex and...
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  • Trusting the Cowboys
    Trusting the Cowboys
    Autor: Marla Monroe
    When Lexie's boyfriend abuses her, Quade and Jared step in to help. They want to take care of her the rest of her life. Lexie isn't so sure that a relationship with two men can work when the one she...
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  • The Slave
    The Slave
    Autor: Kate Aaron
    At twenty-seven, Tamelik has been a slave more than half his life. Submissive by nature, he can’t help but fall in love with the master who treats him kindly. When the mistress walks out, Tam dares t...
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  • The Glue
    The Glue
    Autor: K. Webster
    From USA Today Bestselling Author K Webster, comes a new MMF standalone novel! I’m a fixer. A lover. Always searching for the right fit. And I come up empty every time. My desires are unusual. I d...
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  • The Men with the Golden Cuffs
    The Men with the Golden Cuffs
    Autor: Lexi Blake
    A woman in danger… Serena Brooks is a bestselling author of erotic fiction. She knows how to write a happy ending but hasn’t managed to find one of her own. Divorced and alone, she has no one to tur...
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  • Come When Called
    Come When Called
    Autor: Piper Trace
    Evie has made a deal with the devil. She has a safe-word. She has a way out. But her submission to him is her only way in... Billionaire Ford Hawthorne is cool sexuality and dominance, his best...
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  • Bound by Law
    Bound by Law
    Autor: S.E. Jakes
    The one man he can't forget is the one whose memories could destroy them all. After the one man he trusted disappeared, it took Law Connor ten years to take a chance on another relationship. Trouble...
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  • Mischief and the Masters
    Mischief and the Masters
    Autor: Cherise Sinclair
    She wants a short, sweet Master. One Master. The two devastatingly dominant Drago cousins have other ideas. Her life destroyed by a stalker, Uzuri Cheval starts anew in Tampa and joins the...
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  • Masters Of My Desire
    Masters Of My Desire
    Autor: Jenna Jacob
    Plowing into Bambi and totaling my SUV wasn't the way I envisioned starting my vacation. Then again, neither was being rescued by two gorgeous men. Nick Masters and Dylan Thomas swooped in to save me...
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  • Fitting In
    Fitting In
    Autor: Silvia Violet
    Two cops walk into a bar. Mason, the bartender, waits for the punch line, because no way in hell are these ridiculously hot men real cops. They’re straight out of a cop-fetish fantasy. But he quickly...
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  • Burning Up
    Burning Up
    Autor: Silvia Violet
    Bryce has been a firefighter for ten years, but when a horrific house fire leaves him reeling, he moves to a new city, hoping to shove those memories behind him. As he adjusts to his new station,...
    czytelników: 4 | opinie: 0 | ocena: 7 (1 głos)

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