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M-M itp. (113)
  • From Pack to Pride
    From Pack to Pride
    Book one in the Supernatural Mates Series When a wolf shifter joins a pride of lions, the fur flies. When Adrian is sent to live with the lion pride for his own safety, little does he know that the...
    czytelników: 72 | opinie: 2 | ocena: 6,49 (39 głosów)
  • Attracting Anthony
    Attracting Anthony
    Cykl: Moon Pack (tom 1)
    Anthony goes to the club to start dating again after the death of his lover. He didn't plan on being anyone's mate. The pack alpha had other ideas.
    czytelników: 96 | opinie: 6 | ocena: 6,47 (57 głosów)
  • Storm Warning
    Storm Warning
    Cykl: Triple Trouble (tom 2)
    Elain Pardie never realized giving a lift to a lost wolf would lead to mating with the hunky Lyall triplet shape-shifter brothers. Then Prime Alpha Aindreas lays down an edict requiring her to quit...
    czytelników: 81 | opinie: 3 | ocena: 7,1 (48 głosów)
  • Baiting Ben
    Baiting Ben
    Cykl: Moon Pack (tom 2)
    Ben joined Silver's club to meet a mate. As a lone wolf he needs to join a pack to survive. But just when he thinks he found his mate in the elegant Thomas, Dillon a man from his old pack, comes into...
    czytelników: 63 | opinie: 2 | ocena: 6,53 (38 głosów)
  • Courting Calvin
    Courting Calvin
    Cykl: Moon Pack (tom 3)
    When Calvin's sister is kidnapped will he be forced to betray a friend to get her back or will the sexy vampire, Alesandro, come to his rescue?
    czytelników: 60 | opinie: 2 | ocena: 6,47 (36 głosów)
  • Denying Dare
    Denying Dare
    Cykl: Moon Pack (tom 4)
    Weretiger Dare longs for the attention of Steven. But the werewolf is searching for a mate among his own kind. Until Anthony douses his friend in a batch of catnip and the big kitty pounces. Book...
    czytelników: 63 | opinie: 2 | ocena: 6,91 (35 głosów)
  • Finding Farro
    Finding Farro
    Cykl: Moon Pack (tom 6)
    When mutants kidnap Farro's son and take him to Dark Fae territory he has to rely on Anthony to get him back. With problems of his own will the alpha mate be able to cope with all the changes in his...
    czytelników: 63 | opinie: 1 | ocena: 7,06 (33 głosy)
  • Hunting Henry
    Hunting Henry
    Cykl: Moon Pack (tom 8)
    Henry works as the pack cook, happily hiding from a painful past and suppressing his wolf side. Dakota is a wolf given a formula to become a human. What happens when a man who doesn't want to be a...
    czytelników: 61 | opinie: 1 | ocena: 6,91 (33 głosy)
  • Inflaming Inno
    Inflaming Inno
    Cykl: Moon Pack (tom 9)
    Betrayed by his sister, Inno Weston becomes the captive of mad scientist, Lorus Korl . After he escapes with the secret formula to making werekin mutants, he races through the streets and straight...
    czytelników: 59 | opinie: 1 | ocena: 7 (30 głosów)
  • Enticing Elliott
    Enticing Elliott
    Cykl: Moon Pack (tom 5)
    Elliott comes to the Moon pack bar to meet with Anthony. Little does he know that Anthony's plans include handing him off to Parker, the pack security officer. Parker takes one look at the slim...
    czytelników: 64 | opinie: 2 | ocena: 6,42 (36 głosów)
  • Claiming Their Mate
    Claiming Their Mate
    Red-hot animal attraction. A Feral Attraction story. Jules Kingston is a WereLion destined to be the next Lioness of the White Sands Pride. Her fathers, having decided to step down as Leos, have...
    czytelników: 11 | opinie: 1 | ocena: 5,29 (7 głosów)
  • Three To Ride
    Three To Ride
    Cykl: Nights in Bliss, Colorado (tom 1)
    Rachel Swift is a woman on the run. Max and Rye Harper are just the men to catch her. A stalker sent Rachel’s world reeling. Now she’s running for her life, and Bliss, CO, seems like the perfect pla...
    czytelników: 134 | opinie: 6 | ocena: 7,37 (78 głosów)
  • The Vampire King's Husband
    The Vampire King's Husband
    When Bastion is down on his luck he takes the advice of a stranger and ends up in the arms of the Vampire King.
    czytelników: 48 | opinie: 1 | ocena: 5,79 (28 głosów)
  • Mate Test
    Mate Test
    Cykl: Dragonmen (tom 2)
    When Tor went to the dragon planet to negotiate mineral rights he didn't know that his uncle had already offered his hand in marriage. M/M sexual situations
    czytelników: 49 | opinie: 1 | ocena: 6,59 (29 głosów)
  • Mate Hunt
    Mate Hunt
    Cykl: Dragonmen (tom 1)
    When Jory's father sends him to the dragon planet to make a match little does he know that Jory will bond with not one but two powerful men. His final decision will change the fate of world. M/M
    czytelników: 63 | opinie: 2 | ocena: 6,39 (31 głosów)
  • Mate Dance
    Mate Dance
    Cykl: Dragonmen (tom 3)
    When Raven finds a girl in a dark alley, little does he know that she's going to lead him to the love of his life. Warning: There is hot man/man action.
    czytelników: 54 | opinie: 2 | ocena: 6,26 (31 głosów)
  • Set me free
    Set me free
    Michelle Barclay has just moved to Aztec, New Mexico, from Mullen, Nebraska. At the library where she works, she is cornered against her car by a large, wolf-like dog and then rescued by the animal’s...
    czytelników: 35 | opinie: 2 | ocena: 6,26 (23 głosy)
  • Lords of the Were
    Lords of the Were
    Cykl: Tales of the Were (tom 1)
    An ancient evil is stalking the twin alpha rulers of the werefolk and the half-were woman who is destined to be their mateif she lives long enough. First in the Tales of the Were. Fulfilling her...
    czytelników: 31 | opinie: 2 | ocena: 5,88 (16 głosów)
  • Double Time
    Double Time
    Cykl: Ich noce (tom 5)
    Trey Mills, the notoriously sexy Sinners rhythm guitarist, gives up his bisexual lifestyle and is swept into a hot, heady romance with Reagan Elliot, a female rock star sensation. But when Trey...
    czytelników: 1087 | opinie: 53 | ocena: 7,33 (614 głosów)
  • Hellbourne
    Even when your father is the devil, love can be a scary thing. Luc Hellbourne is crushed when his werewolf lover dumps him for a female. Feeling unwanted he gives himself to the first guy who asks,...
    czytelników: 52 | opinie: 0 | ocena: 6,38 (26 głosów)

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